Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marsh Glow

Marsh Glow
12"x16", 2011
An original oil painting on hand-gessoed hardboard;
professionally framed; 3 inch wide antiqued gold frame; ready to hang 18"x22" framed.
On a somewhat hazy late fall afternoon day, the egrets could be seen feeding up marsh in the hours before twilight; while the last glow of the sun makes its way through the clouds to the seemingly endless horizon of the marshland.


This region of coastal Florida has attracted artists forever... and is home to many artist groups and communities. The area is a wildlife artist’s dream: to paint in secluded exotic and pristine ecosystems teeming with tropical flora and fauna... and is my new challenge for a series of larger studio paintings… as we are just upriver from where the famous Florida Highwaymen lived and painted in a style sometimes referred to as the Indian River School.

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